The best way to explore and enjoy the beauty of Torgny is by strolling around and absorbing the Mediterranean vibe. Find all locations on a map at the end of the post! If you arrive by train, you’ll be blown away by the giant, curved silver ceiling that welcomes you to Liege. Just make sure to check into a nearby Belgian Ardennes hotel so there’s no need to drive home afterwards. Monks came back to Orval in 1927 and they follow the spiritual traditions of the Trappist Order until today. If you haven’t already obtained travel insurance for your trip, travel protected against all odds with. The longest and most famous trails are the  Transardenneaise, the Transgaumaise-Trans Semoisienne, or the Escapardenne-Eisleck Trail connecting Belgium to Luxembourg. In order to have the best view of the castle, I recommend taking the road to Le Panorama. Instead we opted for the playful trail “Sentier des Fees” (“The Trail of the Fairies”) between Virton and Etalle  (at the parking of Croix Rouge crossing, see map below) in the Gaume region below the Ardennes. The walk is very varied. Voyage de Miel road trips. Edouard will be one of the reasons why you should include Florenville in any Ardenne, Belgium itinerary. In fact, Bouillon is perfect for a foodie day trip! ✔ Book tours in Belgium with GetYourGuide➳ Find the best hotel deals in Belgium with TripAdvisor❖ Rent a car with the best discounts at DiscoverCars☘ Get the best discounted outdoor clothes (outlet) at✎ Never leave without travel insurance. The large forests gave birth to a long tradition of wild game meals and the rivers teem with fish like trout, carp, and perch. I got mine at HeyMondo. The Belgian Ardennes are very accessible with a van, RV or motorhome and we loved each of our overnight stops. No wonder that the town is often considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. In addition, many activities are available: swimming pool, aquarium, water sports, horse riding, tree climbing… Please note, the motor-home area is on a slope, so make sure you have wedges if you want to sleep flat. It is cheap and easy to set up. Or while doing any other outdoor stuff. After visiting the castle, you shouldn’t leave Bouillon immediately! Get it here. His artisan sorbets are a refreshing and light mix of fruits like pineapple, mango, and banana or pineapple, mango and basilic! For this weekend break itinerary, I mostly recommend sites in the western part of the Belgian Luxembourg province. In 1082, Bouillon Castle was inherited by Godfrey of Bouillon, who sold it to the Bishop of Liège in order to finance the first crusade. As the Ardennes region is mostly covered by large, dense forests with the Semois and Ourthe rivers creating almost fairy-tale-like landscapes, the area is particularly coveted among outdoor and nature lovers. The view on the lake is very pleasant and you can observe horses and ponies resting next to you in their pastures. It simply became uninhabitable due to the massive destruction. Finally, the legends and history linked to the region’s witchcraft have sparked our curiosity…  Magical stay guaranteed! Découvrez le temps d’un weekend, une partie des Ardennes françaises. Indeed, the hand-hewn stones, colorful flowers growing along the ochre-colored house fronts with their red curved tiles, rather remind Southern France than Wallonia, Belgium. A cycling / walking lane runs along the Meuse to Chooz, it is ideal for exploring the place by bike. Belgium seems to have something to satisfy any traveler’s needs. The place is very peaceful although close to a fast road. It is an incredibly picturesque area and well looked after and it was a pleasure to drive around and see some of the sites we’d heard so much about and also discover some unexpected delights. Road-trip dans les ardennes belges : un roadbook de 508 km. The other star of Ardennes’ meat production is the Ardennes Ham which is obtained from the pig’s hind leg by immersion into saltwater, dry salting or rubbing with salt, maturing in cold storage and finally being smoked using different wood types. Pour un week-end (samedi et dimanche), nous avons fait exprès de choisir le Département des Ardennes car il est proche de la frontière belge. Ardennes road trip. The road itself winds beautifully through the rolling hills and magical forests of this attractive region. It is not very strong in taste, but characteristic, thus it appeals to a large public. The roots of Orval abbey go back to 1070 when it was founded by Benedictine monks. After living for 4 years in Spain and an epic Boat HitchHiking journey over the Atlantic Ocean, I am ready for new travel adventures. You can choose among equestrian excursions, skiing (in winter), golf, swimming and climbing activities. It flows through the most amazing pieces of nature. Ardennes is located in: Belgique, Région wallonne, Hainaut, Braine-le-Comte, Ardennes. The combination of the finest cocoa and top ingredients from all over the world results in such alluring creations like melting praliné with rosemary, chocolate with violet flowers, black chocolate with black tea from China, and with a hint of pear and hazelnut. There are a few Trappist abbeys in the Belgian Luxembourg province, but we opted to visit the imposing Orval abbey in the Gaume region, south of the Ardennes. Read more articles from our trips to Australia, New Zealand or Alaska. Dinant was not very welcoming for motorhomes, so we decided to continue our journey to Chooz in the French Ardennes. Quality and selection standards are very high. While there are several routes on different rivers that can be explored by canoe, we went from Poupehan to Frahan with Semois Kayaks. In the Ardennes by bike, from the Semois valley to Gaume This three-day trip through the Ardennes by bike (or electric bike) offers you the chance to explore the valley of the Semois, Gaume and to go to France to… Share; Tweet +1; Pin it You can’t leave the Ardennes region in southern Belgium without having visited at least one of its legendary Trappist abbeys. Get it here, ✈ Book cheap flights to Belgium with Skyscanner or Kayak. But is there a more relaxing and enchanting way to enjoy Ardenne’s beauty than by canoe? Followed by some crunchy French fries or a Belgian chocolate ice-cream at their friterie in Poupehan. Required fields are marked *. advertisement Taken together, the Benelux nations of Belgium, Holland (the Netherlands), and Luxembourg cover a small area, a mere 75,000 sq. C’est à Liège que démarre notre voyage en Ardenne (Ardennes belges pour les français qui passeraient par ici). For the second year in a row Maats Amsterdam organized their Ardennes Road Trip in collaboration with Le Coffee Ride. We recommend to park at the citadel (but it is not possible to sleep there). For our last day, we visited the Dinant city. Now that I am back in my home country, Luxembourg, I love to discover its surroundings with “new” eyes. The next day, we started the day with a meeting with Barbara from Saveurs de la forêt who taught us about the edible wild plants found in the forest. Of course, you cannot visit Belgium without tasting (at least) one of its world-famous Trappist beers. After working in Turkey and Lebanon, he came back to Florenville where he opened his shop, tea-room, and atelier. In a second stage, hops are once again added. And hiking in Ourthe Valley is definitely a great reason to visit Ardennes, Belgium! In fact, the Ardennes sausage was only created by the producers of Ardennes ham to enhance its by-products. I am a huge fan of weekend breaks! The craft of salting meat is family-run since three generations. But the best of the Blaise Salaisons is definitely the power ladies behind this business! We were a little disappointed because there was a lot of work in progress and not everything was open (especially due to the virus). If you can’t get enough of cute, picturesque villages, you might want to visit more villages bearing the label “Wallonia’s Most Beautiful Villages” such as Celles,  Clermont-sur-Berwinne, Crupet, Laforêt, Nobressart, Ny, Ragnies, Soiron, Sosoye, Soulme or Wéris. A great Ardennes weekend option is a day (or overnight) trip to Liege. Les Ardennes est un département de France situé dans la région Grand Est et la ville de Charleville-Mézières est sa préfecture. Hola! Apr 30, 2001 | NEW YORK -- On its Web site,, the Belgian Tourist Office offers a series of … It is an artificial lake created by the Plate Taille dam and its impressive observation tower. It’s just the perfect way to discover the surroundings of your current base. However, if you’re looking for a Belgian Ardennes hotel here my top recommendations! From the tea-room, you have a direct into the atelier where Edouard’s team is preparing tasteful delicacies. She also manages Le Florentin Hotel and a few shops in the region. Hosted by. If you’re not sure where to start, you can find some great Belgian Ardennes vacation packages. The brewing process only uses spring water, hop cones, barley malt, candy sugar, and the special Trappist yeast. And trust me, eating ice-cream will never be the same again after having tasted Edouard’s Black Chocolate or Madagascar Vanilla Ice-cream! The Ardennes are a natural region stretching from France to Germany, via Belgium and Luxembourg, which has a lot to offer for nature lovers. We had a great time. Don’t forget to stop by at one of the 2 restaurants (À l’Ange Gardien and L’Hostellerie d’Orval) near the abbey to taste some typical Belgian meals prepared with Orval cheese and beer. Blaise Salaisons produces Ardennes ham, pâtés, regional specialties, a. nd, of course, the Ardennes sausage. The Belgian Luxembourg province boast several small and larger breweries producing high-quality beers like l’Ardwen, la Woinic, la Cuvée d’Arthur, la Margoulette, la Sedane, l’Oubliette…. Just the perfect way to enjoy your weekend break in Belgium. See more ideas about Ardennes, Belgium, Region. It’s an absolute oasis of peace, tranquility and spirituality. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The old abbey was used as a stone quarry as long as it was seen worth to be protected by the Belgian government. First, in the brewing room, a large quantity of very fine hops are added, creating the famous bitter taste and is the reason why the beer keeps for a longer period of time. More information available on For example, you can go for walks or bike rides around the lake, practice water sports or tree climbing. We camped at the castle foot at the motorhome area next to the soccer field. In the end, even home countries can satisfy the chronic wanderlust of a frenetic traveler like me. It’s the perfect stop after visiting the abbey. The castle was later fitted for heavy artillery by Vauban, Louis XIV’s military architect in the late 17th century. And even if it means a detour, I would run miles for his ice-creams!! There’s the old town, right below the castle which has vast streets, open plazas, and bright colored houses. This village is surrounded by the Semois river and its impressive castle overlooking the river. However, the view on the village and the surroundings is beautiful from the castle. Indeed, the region is very variated when it comes to landscapes as high plateaus contrast with picturesque valleys created by the rivers Ourthe, Semois, Salm, or Lesse. Here’s how to tackle seven days in Belgium, traversing buzzing fashion capitals, charming coastal towns, Great War battlefields, and the wooded Ardennes … It’s hard to imagine a weekend trip to Belgium without visiting the Bastogne War Museum. I am Paulina, a fervent travelette who crossed the Atlantic Ocean by Boat HitchHiking. If you need a short break, Belgium will impress you, and the Ardennes is ideal for weekend breaks. The town of Bouillon will immediately enchant you by its fairytale setting. I always take with me my, Be environmentally friendly and get one of these awesome, Travel insurance is essential! Ardennes hotels: low rates, no booking fees, no cancellation fees. We found a very nice spot by the river to spend the night in Chooz. It’s simply a paradise for people that enjoy traveling slow and sustainable. It is a region of southeast Belgium, and extends into France, Germany and Luxembourg. Also known as the “pearl of the Semois” river, Bouillon is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Belgian province of Luxembourg. If you hope to stay in Bouillon when you visit Ardennes, Belgium, I recommend the Hotel de la Poste – Relais de Napoleon III ****, one of the prettiest hotels in Bouillon. You might wonder how the Belgian Luxembourg province ended up having the same name as the bordering Grand Duchy of Luxembourg? Some 7km north of Robertville, on the road to Eupen, the Centre Nature Botrange (t080 44 03 00, provides a focus for explorations of the national park.A bus runs to the centre from Eupen, but otherwise you’ll need your own car to get there. In other words, a road trip across this quirky land doesn’t involve that much road, which frees up time for you to actually see the sights. 25 Interested. The top site in Durbuy is the Castle, which seems to take up half the city and has an interesting history. The Chimay Brewery has been owned and operated by the monks as the Scourmont Abbey since 1862. But the Ardennes region cannot only be explored by foot but also by bike, by horse or following the routes of former stagecoaches. We had made this tour in order to deepen Clémentine’s research for her book. Naturally, the hikes along it are stunning! Especially the Ardennes region is famous for its hearty and delicious food. Soon, the territory was sold again to the Cistercian Order and became a new home for French monks. The audio guide is not included but is essential to obtain a minimum of information. Then, we headed to the Orval Abbey which we visited for 7 € per person. Luckily there are a lot of great day trips from Luxembourg. In case you’re unfamiliar, this was the last major German offensive on the Western Front during WWII. Find detailed maps for Belgique , Région wallonne , Hainaut , Braine-le-Comte , Ardennes on ViaMichelin, along with road traffic and weather information, the option to book accommodation and view information on MICHELIN restaurants and MICHELIN Green Guide listed tourist sites for - Ardennes. The main towns of the Belgian Luxembourg province, the south of the Wallonia region (le Luxembourg Belge), are Durbuy, Bouillon, Bastogne, and Arlon, the provincial capital. I particularly liked how different each quarter of Bouillon was. READ: Where to Eat Traditional Food in Brussels. We didn’t go for any of these super long hikes (we wanted to see as much as possible from the Ardennes in one weekend). For the night, we stayed on the motorhome area of the village which used to be the platform of the old station. As we visited Orval abbey, we couldn’t leave without a Trappist beer and cheese tasting at the À l’Ange Gardien which served us 3 kinds of Orval beers and 3 different Orval kinds of cheese. Get it here. Lakes, forests, rivers for great walks and hikes but also mountain bike or kayak trips. The city is perfect for a weekend getaway along the Meuse, you can visit the church, the cave la merveilleuse or simply wander around the city. These 2 stages produce the very characteristic Orval aroma. And yes, the monks can drink, so they know their product is worth the hype! Supporting the Cistercian regulations, the monastery boasts a cheese factory, bakery and confectionery. Injustement méconnu des motard français, le massif des Ardennes constitue le terrain de jeu favori de nos voisins belges. The charming city center of Bouillon is perfect for strolling around and along its river. Orval beer and cheese can be enjoyed in the surrounding shops and restaurants of Orval abbey. Well, the territory of the Belgian province used to be part of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg until 1839. For our first road trip after 14 months around the world, we travelled close to home! Also discover another epic road trip in Europe by car with Scotland. Do not hesitate to contact her. This decision was partly due to the international context (COVID19), our current situation and a desire to discover our door step’s surroundings. This activity made us think about our diet and lifestyle and offers a very good introduction to maybe start adding nettles in our soup or flowers on our plate! We travelled with a motorhome equipped with toilet and shower and were able to camp off the grid on the numerous free areas in the region. The houses have a very particular style and it is the perfect place to relax. After the passage of the French Revolutionaries, the abbey was left abandoned for over a century. We left from the North of France to explore, a few hundred miles in a neighbouring country,... For our first road trip after 14 months around the world, we travelled close to home! The restaurants on the banks of the Semois offer a very pleasant setting. Avoid tourist traps and get the “Belgium Like a Local” itinerary. In that sense, Ardennes and the southern Gaume region, in southern Wallonia, is for outdoor and nature enthusiasts. We were also seduced by the richness of its history with numerous castles and superb medieval villages. In order to be a Trappist beer, the breweries need to respect strict standards when it comes to production, advertising, and communication. The mid-scale factory is specialized in high-quality artisan products based upon traditional methods and recipes. The beer must be produced within the walls of a Trappist abbey, either by monks or under their supervision. Visiting the Bouillon Castle is definitely a highlight of your weekend break in Belgium. Le Florentin *** (spacious, luxury rooms with selected interior design), WoodstoneHotel Au Coeur de Lacuisine ***Hotel Le Barbouillon **, Hotel Panorama ***Château de Grandvoir *** (stay in a real castle)Le Gastronome ***, Hotel Sanglier des Ardennes ****Hostellerie Le Prieuré De Conques ****Hotel de la Poste – Relais de Napoleon III ****Hotel des Ardennes ****. Edouard learned the art of ice-cream making in Italy and nowadays he gives lessons at the University of Ice-Cream in Bologna! Hundreds of well-maintained trails adaptable for every level make it very hard to choose only one. Chocolate is the undoubted star in Belgium. The number one must do is to enjoy a Liege waffle! I visited Les Chocolats D’Edouard, Chocolat Consultant, and ice-cream maker in Florenville, aka the man that you need in your life. The hike is charming and the view is wonderful. Liège m’a donné envie de manger. Jun 25, 2015 - Its green longs, largest forest and region of Belgium. Also discover another epic road trip in Europe by car with Scotland. Driving between towns is fun, with tiny winding tree-lined roads sometimes only wide enough for one car. Cars & Share. Eating chocolate at Edouard’s is like going back to the origins of chocolate making. However, the restaurants next to the abbey created a unique menu card incorporating Orval cheese and beer in their pasta, meat dishes, or even their desserts! Let me take you on a weekend break, right across the Luxembourgish border. A deux heures de Paris, ambiance Tourist Trophy assurée. Not only are all of them absolutely stunning attractions and spiritual retreats, but they also produce delicious food and the world-wide coveted Trappist beers. Indeed, the castle of Bouillon was first mentioned in 988, and still today, it impacts its size and good condition. If you’re looking for a short weekend break, Belgium is home Durbuy, the smallest town in the world. However, it is rather difficult to access with a motorhome. A canoe ride makes any weekend trips to Belgium even more relaxing. The one that will definitely leave you speechless is his Gianduja with the finest hazelnuts from Piemont. All the rest is supposed to go into charity, social welfare, and people in need of help. Orval beer was first brewed in 1931 by a brewmaster originally from Bavaria. Surrounded by lush forests, Orval Abbey is close to the French corner and one of the remotest corners of Belgium. Ardenne All Access est le complice de l'organisation de votre prochain circuit en terre de légendes et de bien vivre! I’d might start thinking to do a retreat at Orval abbey…. Some of the best weekend breaks to Belgium are for hiking. Ardennes, also spelled “Ardenne”, is a region of extensive forests, hills and enchanting rock creations covering most of the Belgian provinces of Namur, Liege, and Luxembourg. Things to do in Liege, Belgium: 7 Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss. so you can sample lots of this unique country. There are plenty of Ardennes vacation rentals available. Answered: Hi, I am planning a 3 day trip at the end of March and one of the options is The Ardennes. Our road trip in the Ardennes was an opportunity for us to reconnect with the pleasure of travelling in a van which we are big fans of. The brewery was under construction but we still left with our brewed on site beer pack. However, the most intriguing beer productions are the Trappist beers that are only produced in monasteries. Whenever I can, I take one of these short breaks to Belgium to explore further. We came across this village and its ruined castle a bit by chance and we loved it! We left from the North of France to explore, a few hundred miles in a neighbouring country, the Belgian Ardennes region. Belgium day trip: hike along the Ninglinspo at the Ardennes. This city isn’t for everyone, but I enjoyed my time here. Slowly, Orval Abbey became one of the richest monasteries in southern Belgium. We have always been able to sleep in nature and take advantage of hikes or access to villages on foot or by bike  directly from the campsites. The day after, we drove to discover Bouillon village in the Ardennes. Qui a dit qu’il fallait partir loin pour partir en road-trip en van aménagé? It is a particularly picturesque place located near the river which invites you to sit down for a moment and enjoy the place in all its beauty. It was part of an important trade route connecting Verdun and Liege. To the green lung of Belgium: the Ardennes! It costs 11 € per person (this is a combined ticket with the Fortified Castle, the Ducal Museum and the Godefroid de Bouillon archeoscope) and 2.5 € for the audio guide. Stephanie, Andree’s granddaughter, is running the company today with her aunt. Just a perfect way to spend your weekend in Belgium. The Allies won and it was an important victory. in partnership with offers highly competitive rates for all types of hotels in Ardennes, from affordable family hotels to the most luxurious ones. Read more articles from our trips to Australia, New Zealand or Alaska. Here, you’ll learn about the fine art of combining flavors with chocolate and the history of chocolate production. Other typical meals (some of them can be found in other parts of Belgium too)  that you need to try when visiting the Ardennes region are: Where to enjoy Belgian food in the Ardennes region: More elaborated Belgian cuisine:Le FlorentinL’Auberge de Rochehaut, Traditional Belgium food:Friterie La GrignotteLa Vieille FermeChez Betty. It is an easy ride of 1 hour (there’s the option to do 4 hours as well) which will let you immerse in Ardenne’s beautiful natural landscapes. Barbara also offers horse riding and / or a meal based on edible wild plants. The place is popular and we recommend to avoid it if you are looking for a secluded place surrounded by nature. Torgny, the most beautiful village in Ardennes, Belgium, 3. The best day trips from The Ardennes according to Tripadvisor travelers are: Luxembourg and Dinant Full-Day Tour from Brussels; Private Bastogne, Battle of the Bulge tour from Brussels (by car) Private Full Day Battle of the Bulge Tour; Private Full Day Tour to Luxembourg and … In case you might still be hungry, you should also try other typical dishes from the Ardennes. When it comes to marketing, the advertising language of the beers should be marked by honesty and modesty and with respect to the religious setting of the beer production. Semois Kayaks also rents kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP), and pedalos. The Orval beer makes a great match with the Trappist cheese from the Abbey, an uncooked, semi-soft cheese, with a natural washed rind. Gratefully, Paulina, Travel Coupons & Discounts Become a Sustainable Traveler in 9 Steps Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brands 30 Travel Coffee Table Books, KLOW: a Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Experience ». The village is very beautiful and there are many walks in the forest available for all levels. LES CHOCOLATS D’EDOUARDPlace Albert 1er, 36B-6820 Florenville. This is an essential spot in the Ardennes, Belgium for history buffs. There are many great options for where to stay in Ardennes, Belgium, but my number one recommendation is Le Florentin in Florenville. This also allows you to visit the citadel and enjoy the view from above. It is also the starting point for many walks and hikes in the forest. The Ardennes region offers a wide range of possibilities for those that are looking for a more active getaway. However, wars and fires disrupted the routine several times. Circuits en voiture, à moto ou à vélo dans les Ardennes, balades routières dans les Ardennes - ADT des Ardennes I particularly liked the contrast of the old, medieval ruins with the modern, imposing abbey which boasts gorgeous Art Deco details. Another interesting point to explore is the Viaduct which passes over the river. Bruges’ the most romantic town in Europe (for me), Brussels has the urban lifestyle, the coast is for relaxation seekers, Antwerp for fashionistas, Liege for the off-the-beaten-track traveler…. Nous lui avons consacré bien trop peu de temps, mais suffisamment pour nous rendre compte qu’il faudrait revenir ! Indeed, the business is managed by women for 60 years! The Ninglinspo is a mountain river situated in the Liège provence. There’s a before and after having tasted the ice-creams of Edouard. Around 50 fanatic riders made the trip by bus on the morning of September 29 th. The special characters in the Orval beer production are the 2 stages in the brewery process. Visit Ardennes Sausage Factory and Tasting, 11.

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